Memorial, superstitions, heirlooms, and amulets have consistently been interconnecting themes which have inspired and informed my work be it jewellery or large-scale installation. I realised I was striving to discover the symbolic significance of objects in peoples lives whether they be personal, religious, cultural or universal. Stemming from a fascination with recording my own personal history I became interested in the relationship people have with certain objects and how they influence behavior and belief through their material meanings. I interpret these influences both symbolically and visually in my work.  This has recently merged into much darker themes exploring death itself and its connection to beauty and to the idea of the object fetish.  The Uncanny has become central to the development of the work and the nature of veiling.  I am always drawn to the idea of magic in objects and of otherworldliness in myth and storytelling, this often occurs in my work.

I combine materials like feathers, leather, wood, silver and stones that are printed with delicate traces of memory. Personal memory and emotion with reference to a lost time are constant threads running through the work.  Some of the photographs and films deliberately set out to undermine people‚Äôs sense of normality whilst creating a somewhat disturbing dream like state.