Cathexis is one word that summarizes a large part of what inspires and informs my work. Cathexis means an attachment or transfer of emotional energy and significance onto and into an object idea or person. This is central to my research. Memory, memorial, superstitions, amulets and shrines are interconnecting themes which inspire and inform my work be it jewellery or large-scale installation. My first solo show and installation entitled ‘Cathexis’ resulted after Mission Gallery initiated a new challenge to craft makers and designers to consider working outside their usual practice and scale to create a site-specific installation.

‘Cathexis’ consists of over 3000 suspended wooden birds embellished with pattern, which swarm en mass throughout the building. It has several layers of symbolic meaning, which include prayers and wishes, memories and memorial, superstitions and fragmented narratives. These symbolic associations underline a more personal theme of loss and fragility, as ‘Cathexis’ is also a delicate memorial to my Grandmother. A full colour 60-page catalogue accompanies the exhibition that documents the work and inspiration to date and includes an essay written by Caroline Broadhead.

The book is available to order via Mission gallery or through the Amazon link.

Video in memory of Jane Phillips, Director of Mission Gallery x